“And you shall see that thy son will not shy away from the fight”

That is the part of Brazil’s National Anthem that always brings shivers down my spine.

Which was the verse my next door neighbour – hardly a young man – sprayed on a bedsheet and placed on his window this afternoon.

And the verse which was repeated ad nausea in the demonstrations.

São Paulo had 30.000 40.000 people on the streets. Apparently calmer than the previous demos – no rubber bullets and no tear gas this time. No such luck in Belo Horizonte or Ro de Janeiro, from what I have been reading. I am still checking the facts, will write a better report tomorrow,. I read the crowd invaded the Senate building in Brasilia, but that isn’t exactly a mighty feat – other demos have taken that route before. But it is still meaningful, nevertheless…

But this blog is about Sampa, and in Sampa things are going wild. They even managed to make Largo da Batata look beautiful for the first time in its existence!


To quote again the National Anthem:

You shall see that thy son shall not shy away from battle

Nor does he, who loves thee, fear death itself.


My husband, The Brainy Bloke, mentioned that there isn’t a clear objective for the marches anymore. “It’s just a yell. But that will be heard by the political class: the society is more than fed up and temperature is rising”.


I can only hope so.

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