Twenty Cents Less (but so much more left)

No internet connection during the entire day and a clingy toddler to mind – and only now I got the news that São Paulo’s mayor and governor announced that they have cancelled the raise in the bus fares. It’s back to the original price of R$ 3 (US$ 1,46) for the single fare.

Hooray for the people’s voice being heard, huh?

Yes, hooray, and skepticism be damned just this once. I never thought they would back down, but one week’s worth of noise – and some broken windows, graffitied walls, tear gas and international shaming – sure made them think twice. You don’t get 250.000 people on the streets that quick for nothing, I reckon.

But now what?

Now there’s the expenses of next year’s World Cup (I am to find anyone who actually wants it to be hosted here), the voting of PEC 37 (a government project to reduce the investigation powers from the Public Ministry, i.e. the independent public prosecutors), the new stupidity from the local Christian Right group called “cure for gays” (does what it says in the tin).

The public got their twenty cents back, three cheers to that. But something tells me the noise is not ending yet.


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