Things that happen in the way

To quote Joyce Carol Oates, where are you? where have you been?

Hard to start explaining. Real life, I reckon. There were ill relatives, hospital stays, a new job which is great but sucks the life out of the bones, like all jobs; an ill toddler with an almost burst eardrum (key word almost and thank God for that); there were bellyaches and toothaches and bad times too, like you (and if you got the Hair quote in there, you’re a person of distinction).

And there was also the silence, the dreaded silence. After the demonstrations, nothing else happened. And the fact that Brazil seemed mostly forgotten in the main international news retrospectives (I have checked BBC, Guardian, CNN, ABC and NY Times, might have missed someone out there) made me think that nothing had happened.

But it did and it is still out there lurking. Because 2014 is World Cup Year and it’s a general election year as well. So, yeah, there is plenty to talk about.

And as for São Paulo, which was after all the reason I started to write? Lots of stuff going on over here as well. The opening game of the World Cup is here – and you might have heard that we’re late for the very important date. The bus fare was not raised, but the bloody council tax was raised to the roof and no-one is pleased with it.  Therefore plus ça change…

But one needs to write and I guess that’s my job. So hello 2014 – this is where I have been.


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